The pilots who fly for Air Charity Network member organizations are caring, compassionate individuals from all walks of life and professions. All pilots must meet experience requirements, Federal Aviation Administration proficiency requirements, have a current medical certificate and maintain aircraft liability insurance.

The pilots generously donate their time and the entire expense of their flights, including fuel costs, any landing fees and the standard operational maintenance costs of the aircraft.

To volunteer as a pilot, call (877) 621-7177 or click here to see the specific organization that supports your state.

Ground Support

Volunteer pilots could not accomplish their flights if it were not for a strong network of Ground Support Volunteers. If you would like to get involved in ways other than flying, there are many opportunities to be an important part of the Air Charity Network team. Our Ground Support Volunteers:

  • screen passengers
  • coordinate flights
  • answer phones helping to “spread the word”
  • organize and/or help with special events
  • drive passengers to and from the airport
  • perform other vital administrative tasks
  • help with outreach at aviation and healthcare events

To volunteer in your area, call (877) 621-7177 or click here to see your specific organization that supports your state.