Why become an Air Charity Network Pilot?

  1. Complete one flight, and you won’t have to ask why! It’s incredibly rewarding.
  2. Most flights are booked weeks in advance; just pick one that suits your schedule.
  3. Air Charity Network flights are tax-deductible!

We need more pilots – NOW! This map shows flights that are currently in need of pilots from a number of our member organizations. Click on the line to find out more about the flight. The pilot who flies it could be you!

Join Air Charity Network as a volunteer private pilot and use your love of flying to help those in need. Air Charity Network member pilots come from all walks of life, fly a variety of single and twin engine planes as well as jet aircraft, and are united by a desire to apply their aviation skills in this unique way to help others.

Air Charity Network currently has thousands of active members in the US. Many of our pilots own their own planes; however, some rent aircraft to fly. Most fly either 4 or 6 “seaters” and have either a private, commercial or ATP rating. Many, but not all states require an instrument rating.

Air Charity Network members arrange thousands of flights each year. There are many opportunities to participate, but never any pressure to fly. How much or how little you fly is up to you.

The time to join us is now!

Would you like to be a pilot with us? To be automatically routed to your region, call toll-free (877) 621-7177 or visit the website for your region.

We look forward to having you as a member of Air Charity Network

Pilot’s Cancellation Policy
Air Charity Network pilots may cancel a flight for weather, personal, scheduling, financial, or any other reason. Pilots are encouraged to recognize and observe their personal limitations, and to fly only when they are completely comfortable doing so.