Passenger Qualifications

Since our pilots donate the entire cost of each flight, including their aircraft, we must make absolutely certain their resources are going to those truly in need. The criteria below generally applies to all our member organizations. However, some member organizations might have some variations. So, it is always best to check with our individual member organizations to make sure.


All adult passengers must be ambulatory. Most of our pilot’s planes are 4 or 6 seat, non-pressurized general aviation aircraft. Getting in and out of one may be compared to getting in and out of the back seat of a small car. Therefore, all passengers must be able to sit upright for the duration of the flight and wear a seat belt.

Advance Notice

Normally, at least two weeks are needed in advance. In some cases we can accommodate shorter lead-times; however, we can’t guarantee finding a pilot under those circumstances. Please call for details.

Back Up Plan

Safety is our top priority! Since bad weather could prevent our pilots from flying, all passengers must have a back up plan. For example, if we cannot fly due to weather, a passenger may drive to their appointment. Or, if the appointment can be rescheduled, we will reschedule the flight around the new appointment date and time.

Compelling Reason

There may also be some reason why private aircraft is the only option over commercial transportation. For example, if an individual lives in a rural area without easy access to commercial transportation, or a person is highly susceptible to infection and cannot be exposed to crowds, or if someone cannot afford commercial transportation.

While there is no formula for screening passengers, we must still determine, at our discretion, whether there is a demonstrated financial reason that conventional transportation cannot be used. You will be required to provide information regarding your financial situation, including your income. We must also be able to verify with a third party, such as a social worker or doctor, that there is truly a need for our services.

Medical Condition

Passengers must be medically stable, ambulatory, and be able to sit up in an airplane seat for the duration of the flight. Our pilots are not medically trained. We are not an air ambulance service, nor do we provide medical assistance during our flights. Medical Release Passengers will be required to provide a medical release signed by their local physician indicating the passenger has a satisfactory medical condition to take the flight. We will fax the release from our office to your local physician.