Passenger Stories

Story1_thumbSebastian, Florida Resident Nellie will never forget the night of December 9, 1998. That night he was rushed to the hospital for what he and his wife were initially told was a … MORE Story2_thumb
Over a year ago, Quincy was in a fire that took his 4 year old sister’s life, a family home and a boy’s innocence. Burns cover 76% of his tiny body … MORE
It all started when 75-year-old patriarch Teofilo fell and hit his head. He was on a feeding pump, trach and oxygen. The oxygen transportation alone posed enough of a logistical problem to keep him off a commercial flight… MORE
Heidi was on the list for an intestinal transplant operation. She would need spur-of-the-moment transportation, probably in the middle of the night … MORE
Little Foster was born with severe bilateral clubfoot. Both of his feet were turned completely the wrong way… MORE
Since July, 2004, Aaron, who has cranio stenosis, must regularly be flown from his home in Pensacola for treatments in Atlanta and to see his physician in Hollywood, Florida. MORE
Marlin has a serious rare blood disorder called Mastocytosis. When she realized many of her young friends at St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital of Tampa would not be able to be home for Christmas, she swung into action and … MORE