Donors and partners are essential to Air Charity Network ability to carry out our mission.  Donors / patrons generously give of their financial and in-kind services and gifts to ensure that our matching service can continue making meaningful connections between needs and resources.  Our partnering organizations and companies help us “spread the word” about our service to those in our communities who need our serves the most.


There are several ways to donate to Air Charity Network.

1. Donate NationallyGive to Air Charity Network by making an online monetary donation.

2. Donate Locally: Give to one of our regional organizations that supports your state.

3. Donate a car by calling (877) 999-8322.

 Why We Need Your Help

There is no doubt we could not accomplish our mission without the generous in-kind donation of our pilot members. However, there are services and products that must be bought that are never free. Pilots and planes need airports, coordination and full-time administration — all of which takes time and money.

Our Impact and Fiscal Responsibility is on the Record.