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Air Charity Network member organizations and their generous volunteers are on the front line every day of the year helping people in need access life-saving specialized medical care. The national network also arranges flights of compassion including travel for military personnel and their immediate families as well as flights of disaster response. Combined, the Air Charity Network is the Nation’s largest unified Volunteer Pilot organization comprised of thousands of pilots who annually fly tens of thousands of passengers nationwide.

Passengers on these flights are never charged for the transportation arranged through the network. It is provided by volunteer pilots who receive no monetary compensation whatsoever for their time, talent, airplane, fuel and operating expenses. This charitable story of leveraging resources to meet needs on such a large scale is unique and compelling. The network and its member organizations exist solely through donations from individuals, companies, organizations and foundations that cover the many expenses associated with matching passengers in need with charitable aviation resources.

For more media inquiries, please call the national toll-free number which will direct callers to the appropriate member organization for their area: (877) 621-7177.

Air Charity Network Fast Facts

  • Air Charity Network (ACN) is the largest unified charitable air transportation organization in the world.  We are the only charitable aviation organization in the United States offering linked access across all 50 states.
  • Air Charity Network regional flight coordination teams handle more than 40,000 requests for assistance annually.
  • 1/3 of Air Charity Network flights are for children and 2/3 for adults and senior citizens with hundreds of different illnesses, challenges and personal crises.
  • Each dollar donated generates more than $5 worth of flight services delivered to people in need who live in rural and urban communities across the nation.
  • Volunteer pilots who fly, and often own, general aviation airplanes “provide” the transportation by donating their time, talent, airplane, and fuel expenses.
  • Air Charity Network exists solely on donations from individuals, corporations, organizations, foundations and work place giving campaigns.
  • Cash donations allow Air Charity Network to make life-saving connections by supporting volunteer pilots and serving people in need.
  • Disaster response . . . After 9/11, volunteer pilots were called upon to transport American Red Cross personnel, booties for the rescue dogs, and many other people and supplies. In the midst of response to Hurricane Katrina, over 2,500 flights were flown through Air Charity Network to reunite families separated during the evacuation of flood-ravaged areas and to relocate families out of shelters to safe housing elsewhere.

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Air Charity Network is a 501(c)(3), tax-exempt charitable organization.