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Air Charity Network Fast Facts

  • Air Charity NetworkTM (ACN) is the largest charitable air transportation organization in the world.  And, with more than 7,500 volunteer general aviation pilots, Air Charity NetworkTM is the largest volunteer pilot organization in the nation. We are the only charitable aviation organization in the United States offering access within all 50 states.
  • Air Charity NetworkTM represents over 90% of all charitable aviation non-emergency flights flown in the nation.
  • Air Charity NetworkTM regional mission coordination teams handle more than 40,000 requests for assistance annually.
  • In 2006, Air Charity NetworkTM arranged flights for more than 34,000 passengers on 22,000 missions.
  • 1/3 of Air Charity NetworkTM mission flights are for children and 2/3 for adults and senior citizens with hundreds of different illnesses, challenges and personal crises.
  • Each dollar donated generates $3-4 worth of flight services delivered to people in need who live in rural and urban communities across the nation.
  • Volunteer pilots who fly, and often own, general aviation airplanes “provide” the transportation by donating their time, talent, airplane, and fuel expenses.
  • Air Charity NetworkTM exists solely on donations from individuals, corporations, organizations, foundations and work place giving campaigns.
  • Cash donations allow Air Charity NetworkTM to make life-saving connections by supporting volunteer pilots and serving people in need.
  • Disaster response . . . After 9/11, volunteer pilots were called upon to transport American Red Cross personnel, booties for the rescue dogs, and many other people and supplies. In the midst of response to Hurricane Katrina, over 2,500 missions were flown through Air Charity NetworkTM to reunite families separated during the evacuation of flood-ravaged areas and to relocate families out of shelters to safe housing elsewhere.

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